Copper Warrior

Copper Warrior

The Copper Warrior project is a sediment-hosted copper deposit located 40km NE of Monticello, San Juan Co, Utah. The deposit is hosted in a NW oriented, asymmetric, salt cored anticline which is bisected along its crest by the steeply dipping Lisbon Valley normal fault. Lisbon Valley Fault has 3000'-5000' of down to the NE displacement. A complicated pattern of normal faults has been recognized within Lisbon Valley. Metals are sourced from mafic minerals within immature sediments in the Permian and Triassic Formation and are deposited in the sandy beds of the Cretaceous aged Dakota Ss (Kd13) and the Burro Canyon Fm (Kbc15). Mineralization is also observed from the Pennsylvanian to Cretaceous aged units in the section.

Multiple copper occurrences observed in regionally mineralized host rocks of the Dakota Ss, Burro Canyon Fm and Cutler Fm within the project area. EMX is targeting readily leachable Cu-oxide/sulfide mineralization associated with structures and favorable host rocks in the Lisbon Valley anticline (~100m drill target depths).

The Copper Warrior project is available for partnership.

Geologic map of the Copper Warrior area.

Schematic cross sections within the Copper Warrior project area showing outcropping copper mineralization and high priority exploration targets.

Azurite and malachite replacing chalcocite in sandstone.

Copper oxides in outcrop.