Royalty Cash Flow

Eurasian Minerals has royalty cash flow from the world-class Carlin Trend as well as from advance royalty payments from pre-production properties.

Strategic Investments

Eurasian Minerals leverages a core group of entrepreneurial geologists with a strong financial position to make timely investments in under-valued business opportunities.

Royalty Pipeline

Eurasian Minerals has developed a diverse portfolio of precious and base metals assets ranging from early-stage exploration to organically grown royalty properties.

Eurasian Minerals

Eurasian Minerals has a track record of success in exploration discovery, royalty generation, and strategic investments, with mineral property assets on five continents. The business model is diversified, and provides a solid foundation for exposure to multiple opportunities, while minimizing the impact on EMX's capital structure. The Company has royalty cash flow from the Carlin Trend, and a pipeline of assets to support future royalty growth.